Physical Therapy

Our physical therapists have clinical experience in pediatric, sports medicine, neurologic rehabilitation, worker compensation, home health and outpatient orthopedics. Our skills include joint mobilization, closed chain multi-directional exercises, PNF and Bobath techniques for functional re-education. We can assist in customizing your program to progress your function.

Integrative Manual Therapy (IMT)

IMT has its roots in osteopathic medicine and has been expanded by Sharon Giammatteo PhD, PT, IMTC. IMT is a 3 year certification program. IMT is a collection of techniques to assess all systems of the body including lymphatic, neural, gastrointestinal, cranio-sacral, circulatory, psychosocial and more. We assess the primary system of the dysfunction and support the body with manual therapy and sometimes nutritional recommendation. We believe if the body is structurally healthy it will allow for greater functional potential.

Chikly Method

Dr. Bruno Chikly is a DO who teaches indirect, gentle methods of manual therapy to treat full spectrum of physical and emotional conditions. It is effective in treating physical injuries, trauma, neurologic disorders, lymphatic disorders, and sports injuries for all ages. Chikly method can impact lymphatic, visceral, neural and emotional health. Our therapist continue to be open to expand our manual therapy skills from varous teachers to improve structural health to maximize wellness.

Gary Gray Method

Our therapists have studied and practice Gary Gray’s method of functional rehabilitation. Gary Gray utilizes closed chain functional activities for strengthening, flexibility and mobility. Gary Gray method looks at 3-D movement patterns and recognize that rehab needs to be in 3-D to restore function in the real world. We are trained to observe movement, correct and optimize biomechanics to stabilize and move through the range of motion needed to complete the task. Our therapist customize exercises for each client based on their needs for the activities they want to resume. Gary Gray believes no one needs equipment to exercise; gravity and our own body weight is sufficient. It does not mean we use no equipment, it just means there is no excuse for not doing exercises just because we are not at a gym.

Oov Method

Oov is an equipment developed by Daniel Vladeta. Jane has undergone levels 1-3 training with Daniel. The Oov activates core stabilizing muscles while aligning healthy intervertebral disc space. Oov is made of highly durable foam to support the spine’s natural curves. The foam material also provides proprioceptive awareness to our spine to bring increase awareness of space and movement during exercises. Oov has a dynamic surface to challenge balance and it can be used in all positions (supine, sidelying, prone, sitting and standing) to improve balance, coordination, strengthening, stabilization, flexibility, and function. Oov is a great piece of equipment to have at home for clients who want to continue core stabilization while getting proprioceptive cues to improve alignment.

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