Physical Therapy

Our physical therapists have clinical experience in pediatric, sports medicine, neurologic rehabilitation, worker compensation, home health and outpatient orthopedics. Our skills include joint mobilization, closed chain multi-directional exercises, PNF and Bobath techniques for functional re-education. We can assist in customizing your program to progress your function.

Integrative Manual Therapy (IMT)

IMT has its roots in osteopathic medicine and has been expanded by Sharon Giammatteo PhD, PT, IMTC. IMT is a 3 year certification program. IMT is a collection of techniques to assess all systems of the body including lymphatic, neural, gastrointestinal, cranio-sacral, circulatory, psychosocial and more. We assess the primary system of the dysfunction and support the body with manual therapy and sometimes nutritional recommendation. We believe if the body is structurally healthy it will allow for greater functional potential.


The Feldenkrais™ method is comprised of two parts: functional integration and awareness through movement. Functional integration takes place in a private lesson. It is designed to help integrate the whole body through gentle touch and movement. The process changes the nervous system, which allows the healthy movement patterns to hold. Awareness through movement is a group class where clients discover efficient ways of moving with ease through verbal cues provided by the instructor.

Feldenkrais™ lessons are performed slowly without pain or strain. The object is to discover in ourselves unknown reactions so that easier, more effortless actions can take place. The goal is to help people improve their physical performance and self image.

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